Bazooka Sushi Roll Recipe | Uramaki Philadelphia and Tuna

A variant of Sushi Roll (uramaki) to be prepared in 3 simple steps thanks to the Bazooka Sushi . You have chosen the sushi bazooka for its simplicity and practicality so for this recipe we will use canned tuna.

Place a layer of philadelphia (about 35 grams per roll) in the hollow previously made on the rice using the stick of the sushi bazooka. In succession the well-drained canned tuna and the slices of avocado.

Close the bazooka and place the contents using the plunger on a shelf sprinkled with black or white sesame seeds . Click here for Bazooka Sushi instructions 

ADVICE : Not all types of rice are suitable for making Sushi. Click here for some tips

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